We work with Kubi Do to make it easy for customer support to answer questions on social media.
Answering same questions will be very inconvenient, we need staff who always ready to answer at any time. Seeing this opportunity and creating a system where there is already a machine that can be relied on to explain is an imposing and useful thing.

Building An Auto Reply System That Integrated To Social Media Chat.

Building an integrated auto-reply system can be an additional tool that is very helpful. Just imagine you can get the information you want whenever you want.

Get information from the social media account you want. Each question can be customized by the user so that it can reach more businesses that use social media as their customer service platform.


A company that is just starting but engaged in digital, and needs the team. Springkraf covers all the activities required from planning to production.

Designing a system that can cover all of the fundamental questions needed, of course, UI & UX, which can be used by a non-technical person is also one of the challenges in this project.


Serving more customers with certain auto-reply.

Let Kubi Do able to go production from scratch in just three months, helping more social media users to reply often questions, with an imposing and consistent explanation.

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