Top Remit
We work with TopRemit to give their customers peace of mind sending money worldwide safe, low-cost, and online.
Sending money overseas is a business that has been run by TopRemit offline, but it will become a tiring routine if it has to be done offline and is very limited in certain areas. Modeling an offline business online can capture more users and is more practical is the primary goal of running this project.

Connecting Users With Top Remit Online.

While other money transfer businesses are competing to open branches in many places, TopRemit has designed an online platform. Minimizing the cost of opening an office so that it can reduce the cost of sending money allows TopRemit to send money abroad at a lower price, more practical and faster.

Sending money abroad through a bank account, cash pickup, mobile wallet, or home delivery can all be done through the website or TopRemit mobile application with an easy process.


As a technology supporter of the TopRemit business, Springkraf has worked with the TopRemit team to jointly discuss this platform, from the appearance, ways of working, efficiency, to further developments.

Designing a good UI UX, reliable calculations, and matching cloud server settings, making customers from TopRemit feel safe and comfortable using it.


Providing Better Sending Money Experience.

One year after it's launch, TopRemit managed to fold ten times its turnover. Increased turnover can mean that TopRemit has succeeded in helping more than ten times its offline users to be able to enjoy more efficient and convenient money transfers moreover become the best money transfer service in 2019.

Top Remit CEO - Hermanto
CEO of TopRemit

As a Fintech Company, our life depends on technology.

Thanks to the genius behind, I feel like having my own development team. They are very good at communication that makes what’s in our head can deliver easily to be reality. The amazing part is they always deliver more than I expected.

They have been handling our system for more than 2 years and it has been such an amazing experience. They are committed to this project from the start till the end and what I like the most it they figured out the weakness and always find a way to handle it.

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